This is Cherry Hill- The Neighborhood WE built.


The Cherry Hill Historic Distirict has it’s origins in the early 1990s as a revival of the old JHCCO block club (James, Henry, Charles Cherry Organization). After years of increasing blight many property owners, businesses and even tenants decided that if change for the better was to be achieved they would have to affect that change themselves. By targeting crime, contacting absentee landlords when problems arose with their properties and promoting home ownership through a series of affordable housing workshops the neighbors of Cherry Hill did, indeed, affect change for the better!

Now in Cherry Hill Green-Own a Piece of History!

A few years ago the Kent County Council for Historic Preservation rescued the unique terracotta cornice of the now-demolished Metz Building. There are many pallets of these multi colored cornices now residing in the back area of Cherry Hill Green. Stop by and take a look and let your imgination run wild as to how you might be able to use them, perhaps as a table base, part of a retaining wall, or as a simple conversation piece properly displayed in your home! For more information on possibly purchasing one of these beaties contact Rebecca Smith-Hoffman at

For more information these pieces have their own Facebook page.